What Meds are Right for Your Dog?

Posted by Southern Pet Meds on 29th May 2019

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right meds for your dog. Parasites are broadly divided into three groups:

At this point in time there’s no one product that will protect your pet against all parasites. This means you will need to choose from a combination of products to protect your pet.

Products like Bravecto, Nexgard and Simparica are known as ‘ectoparasiticides’. They kill and protect against external parasites.

Products like Drontal, Interceptor and Milbemax protect against internal parasites and are known as ‘endoparasiticides’.

Then there are products such as AdvocateNexgard SpectraRevolution and Sentinel which protect against both external and internal parasites along with heartworm. These products are known as ‘endectoparasiticides’.

Beyond these three categories are stand alone heartworm preventions such as Heartgard.

In some countries Nexgard Spectra is promoted as the most complete product. It’s combination of ingredients protects against fleas and ticks, along heartworm and a number of intestinal parasites. However, it does not protect against mites or tapeworm.

Given two products are required for the most complete protection, the flea, tick and mite protection provided by Simparica, combined with the intestinal worm and heartworm protection of Interceptor Spectrum provides the most complete protection for your dog.