About Us

About Us

Southern Pet Meds is a more affordable way for you to get the highest quality pet meds for less.

We send all orders via DHL Global with Tracking, so you have the peace of mind knowing your order is being tracked from our Singapore factory to your door.

Did you know the exact same product could be more expensive in the US than elsewhere in the world.

Southern Pet Meds knows this, and with contacts all around the world, we have found the lowest prices for the highest quality pet meds.

We offer the identical products you would buy from your veterinarian - same ingredients, made in the same factories, but they are registered in countries including Australia, South Africa and Singapore.

By purchasing these products from Southern Pet Meds you ensure your pet receives the highest quality pet meds at the most affordable prices.

Southern Pet Meds operates from Australia, but uses contacts around the world and sources products from several countries.